Get Involved

Whether you are an engineer with time on your hands, a parent wanting to spend more time with your student, a business wanting to encourage your employees to give back or a student wanting to get your hands on a robot, we’ve got you covered! Find a robotics group in your area or start one yourself with our resources. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us today and we’ll help get you involved in the Gorge’s robotics revolution.

Visit our FIRST Acronymn Decoder page if you’re not familiar with the lingo below.

If your club or team is missing from the list below, contact us today to get it listed correctly!

Gorge Robotics Groups

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JFLL® Teams

JFLL Teams that gathered in 2016 are listed below. We need YOU to start a team in the Gorge!

Affiliation Coordinator
Whitson Elementary Stephanie Going
St. Mary’s Academy Jeremy Thompson and Mindy Lenardson
Dufur Wasco County 4-H Joel Riese
Centerville Elementary Carole Garner

FLL® Teams

We’ve had over 60 teams participate in our December 2016 FLL Gorge Qualifying Tournaments representing the schools and 4H clubs below. Contact them today to ask about signing up for next season. Teams usually start meeting in August or September each year for the December tournaments.

City Affiliation Coach
Dufur Wasco Co.4-H Dufur School Joel Riese
Goldendale Goldendale Middle School Abraham Grindling, Devin Mell
Hood River Hood River Middle School Marti Dane, Corinda Hankins Elliott, Jon Banks
Horizon Christian School Jason Sommerset
May Street Elementary School Tom Dalbey
Mid-Valley Elementary Sarah Owens
Wy’East Middle School Patrick Getchis
Westside Elementary School Diane Hopster, John Blosser, Mark Bauman
Klickitat Klickitat School Kirk Huwe
Moro Sherman Co. Elementary Andrew Pflaum
Mosier Mosier Community School Nancy Malitz, Matt Rutledge, Ryan Nystrom
Parkdale Parkdale Elementary Genevieve Scholl
Skamania Skamania School Shelly Carlton, Barbara Miller, Tami Gilbert
The Dalles Colonel Wright Elementary Deocelen Munoz, Carla Randall, Rob Smith, Brad Durso
Chenowith Elementary Jenni Bergemann, Aaron Josephson
North Wasco Virtual Academy Brenda Green
The Dalles Middle School Lu Seapy, Lori Sam, Jesus Acosta, Britnei Rubio, Tom Richardson
Wasco County 4H Lu Seapy
Trout Lake Trout Lake School John Elyard
White Salmon Henkle Middle School Michael Hannigan
Little Oak Montessori School Stephanie Hargrave
Wallace and Priscilla Stevenson Intermediate School Dorinda Belcher, Finn Anderson

FTC® Teams

These schools had participants in past FTC Tournaments. Contact them today to ask about signing up for next year.

City Affiliation Coach
Dufur Dufur School Marilyn Blake
Glenwood Glenwood School Tom Anderson
Hood River Hood River Valley High School Jeff Blackman
Hood River Middle School Brent Emmons
Horizon Christian School Trey Rigert
Wy’east Middle School Patrick Getchis
Maupin South Wasco County HS Jamie Sowell
Moro Sherman Jr./Sr. HS Dezirah Remington
The Dalles The Dalles High School Ajay Rundell
Wasco County 4H Lu Seapy
White Salmon Columbia High School Jack Perrin

FRC® Teams

In the past there have been two FRC Teams from the Gorge: Trout Lake School coached by Rod Nelson and Goldendale High School coached by Matt Merfeld. If you don’t attend these schools, they’d be happy to talk about how to start a team at your school.